"I've worked with Thomas for almost a year and he is one of the most honest and open people I have known. He is a proven genius at getting rankings in search engines and he works all day, every day from morning to night, this guy is a machine on the internet, I was very lucky to find him and have him doing our SEO work."
Jon Moffitt
Commercial Real Estate, BLU Mortgage
"I have known Thomas for over 25 years. If there is anyone who knows SEO and how to bring business's leads, it's definitely him. What he does in such a short amount of time for people is honestly amazing. Watching him work with like 20 different windows on 4 separate monitors is incredible. He can do in one day what 5 people couldn't even do in a week. People like Thomas are one in a million."
Steven J Trotter
"I really feel like I have the best website for healing in Arizona. There were companies asking for twice as much and their sites weren’t nearly as good. Thank you Thomas."
Healing Center AZ
Physical Therapy
"I am at the top of Google for my 3 keywords and I can’t thank Thomas enough for all that he has done for me. The cost of the site and the SEO he did has paid for itself 100 fold. As my business grows, I will be a customer indefinitely."
Douglas Zimmerman
Celebrity Fitness Trainer Age Management Specialist
"On a scale of 1 to 10, we give it a 10. The website is awesome, you said top of Google in 6 months, it’s only been a month and we’re already on the first page for almost all our keywords. Thank you very much for everything."
Josh & Sean
Men's Vitality Center
"I worked with Thomas on a large branding project for a mortgage company, his attention to detail and dedication were impressive. He also helped design my own interior design business website, which turned out just like I wanted."
Sari Kreiter
Owner, Kreiter Home Styling
"I remember the first time I met Thomas. He walked into the interview with unparalleled energy and nailed it, smiling ear to ear the whole time. He is eager to learn, willing to listen, and above all delivers results. We managed tens of thousands of SMB SEM accounts, an overwhelming task for the small team we had. Even under this intense pressure Thomas would walk in with a new idea to test, a new approach for a problem, and always a smile. He made sure everyone on the team had a voice and had an opportunity to express themselves, often being the ear for them. I knew one day we would lose him, he had wings and needed to fly without corporate restrictions. If I know one thing about Thomas it's that he will bring energy to anything he puts his mind to, and then accomplish it."
Casey Carpenter
SEO Manager, EMEA at GoDaddy
"I have known Thomas for over 6 years. I have been continuously impressed with his detailed understanding and knowledge of the SEO industry. Thomas has also proved himself an innovator of new SEO strategies that I have seen propel web properties higher in their rankings. I am recommending Thomas because of his work ethic, honesty, and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients."
Jeremiah Onciu
CEO, Googabiz
"I have worked with Thomas now for several years. He is THE reason that my SEO results keep new clients on the web at my doorstep. Even when I made some changes to the site and dropped from above the fold visibility, he was able to step in and correct the problem seemingly immediately. He has my recommendation"
Martin Chadwick
CEO, Mediation Path
"In 2013, I needed results fast. Google’s algorithm change had a major effect on our inbound marketing strategy. When other local companies said it would take 2 months of project discovery before they could start producing results, I turned to Thomas, founder of RoboLizard. His team was able to ramp up in less than 20 days. They under-promised, over-delivered, and stuck to my budget like ants in molasses. The short term project was for on-page articles to help Appointment Plus test content marketing concepts. As of today, the articles they wrote still receive the most organic visitors."
Kendall Matthews
Technology & Brand Strategy Advisor
"Thomas was referred to me by a business friend. After meeting with him, I hired him to boost our ranking and traffic. AMAZING! Our calls went through the roof. Our ranking went to the top. 5 years later he continues to increase our business. Thomas is the best in the business!! He is honest, respectable, hard working and super smart. I recommend him to everyone looking for help with their business."
Brett Cole
Owner, Quality Cleaning Solutions
"We started this business 3 years ago not knowing what to do for marketing. Thomas walked in one day and within 3 months we were showing up in google maps and the search results, within a year we were able to hire more people, after two years we've leased the land next to us and hired more people and built a second garage to handle the extra business. We used to worry about how to get new business, now we are booked months out regularly and the calls are flooding in. Thomas has been a major help to our success for our auto shop, highly recommended."
Dana Bergsten
Co-owner, Luxury Import Specialists
"Investing in Thomas for our website, SEO and Google Advertising needs has been the best investment we've ever made for our business. We have tried a few SEO companies over the years and even some other website design companies... Thomas was the absolute best for price and the the quality. The speed of getting the results was more than we were hoping for."
Heath Duncan
CEO, 2nd Chance Industries
"Thomas is the most trustworthy, dependable, hard working, loyal guy you will meet. His SEO skills are far superior to any other company out there. He has a special ability to make any business grow online. He also has a great eye for website design. Thomas is very goal oriented and will work diligently with your company to achieve success!! "
Feather Proctor
Owner, FLIP Marketing
"I cannot begin to thank Thomas enough for his help raising my rank. He helped me understand the necessity for SEO, and designed a program that moved me to page one in less than one month! Thomas is easy to work with, is patient and as hard a worker as you will meet. As he says, "Winners Get Up Early!" He gets more done by 10 AM than most get done in an entire day. If you are looking for SEO, PPC, design and want to get found on Google hire Raising Rank and they will get the job done right!"
Creed Branson
Business Growth Expert, Life Coach
"Thomas is by far the most amazing SEO guy when looking to get the best presence online. I tried over 10 SEO companies before I found Thomas and my results are beyond what I was expecting."
Ryan Eastep
CEO, 2nd Chance Interlock
"Thomas has done several projects for us on multiple small businesses, the results are there and so is the consistency. We appreciate the education in understanding how building rank works and that it does take a little time. It is not an overnight solution, but if you are looking for systemic and sustainable lead generation it is a great way to invest part of your marketing and advertising spend. We also like the fact that ownership is constantly involved with what is happening in the industry, their expert knowledge has proven invaluable on several occasions!"
Brandon Pride
Small Business Solutions Expert
"Been working with Thomas for a very long time on our SEO efforts, he helped our auto detail shop get #1 in Google and it's brought us good business for years. He also ramped up our map listing in Google and helped us get to the top of that. He has been more than fair on price and I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an honest web SEO guy."
Perry Dodd
Owner, European Auto/Aviation Detail
"Thomas is a great guy and an expert when it comes to SEO and website design. If you are looking to boost your company online this is the company you should hire!"
Larry Cox
Owner, Kansas Real Estate Inspections
"Thomas really knows his stuff. Really professional web design and does a fantastic job of SEO and conversion optimization. If you want your business to rank well in search engines and get a lot more leads at an affordable price, he's your guy."
Nate Wheeler
Owner, TwelvePM Marketing
"Been our SEO and online advertising guy for 3 years now and does a fantastic job. Responsive, honest and trustworthy. The website brings in a lot of new patients."
Rock Ridge Family Medicine
Family Medical Clinic
"They did my personal training website design and I have to say, I have one of the best personal training websites not only in Wichita but in the USA. They also manage my google map listing and are getting me ranked for personal training keywords in my city and so far its been nothing but great. Really really appreciate the price and Thomas was extremely communicative with me the whole way. Thank you!"
Alex Alldritt
Chicago's #1 Female Fitness Trainer
"They did my website for my garage door repair company and did a great job, also set up and manage my PPC campaign and SEO, I've been getting leads since the website first went up and I have no complaints. Thomas was really nice and always personally answers the phone and gets everything I need done right on the spot, it's been 5 months and I've got no complaints."
Derby Overhead
Garage Door Repair Company
"Thomas made me the #1 cell phone repair shop in my city in the maps and when you do a google search in my city for cell phone repair and cell phone plans. Highly recommended."
Terrence F
Owner, Millennium Cell Phones
"Made the most beautiful and intelligent website, logo and stationary designs for my house cleaning company, I couldn't have imagined it turning out better than it did! Thank you!"
Lauren Shea
Shea Housekeeping
"Everything was completed in a very timely manner and with great attention to detail. I couldn’t be happier with the services Thomas provided!”
Cassandra Barron
Euro Lux Laser
"Our site gets about 25,000 visitors per year from the SEO Thomas did."
Dr Stowell
Scottsdale Health Center
""The site works great, it looks great and I’ve been getting leads from it. The price was good and I am really happy with the way it turned out.""
Chad Dana
Arizona Fencing Experts
"Thomas did our website and has been doing our SEO for 4 years, we started with just a garage filled with equipment for building aluminum boat trailers, now we have two large commercial buildings and have had to hire people help us keep up. Thomas has been the sole reason we have done so well and it is because of our Google ranking that we get all the business. We are very happy to have found Thomas."
Uriah Owsly
Kokopelli Trailers